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The Restaurant Appreciation Contest

In 50–100 words, tell us why your favorite restaurant is your favorite.

As New York City catering experts, we pride ourselves on knowing quite a bit about restaurants across the city. But as foodies, we’re always curious to learn about other culinary scenes (as well as culinary gems we might not know about in NYC).

The winner gets $250.

The winner’s restaurant gets $250.

restaurant table


  • You can apply from anywhere in the world. No purchase is necessary to enter this contest.

  • The restaurant you discuss can be located anywhere in the world.

  • Submissions must be between 50 and 100 words.

  • Your entry must be original, with no plagiarized content.

  • You may submit multiple entries, but each must focus on only one restaurant.

  • In applying, you grant us a perpetual royalty-free license to publish your entry on the blog and elsewhere.

  • Please apply by 12 p.m. (US Eastern) on June 1, 2022.

So, in just 50–100 words, answer...

If someone were moving to or visiting your city, what restaurant would you suggest they try and why?

From fine dining establishments to family-run street-food stalls, we want to hear about your absolute favorite.

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The award

We’re awarding a total prize of $500:

  • $250 to the contest winner

  • $250 to the restaurant named in the winning contest entry (we want to help a worthy restaurant through the hard times many are facing this year)

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