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Private Catering in NYC

beautiful table setting for catered event

If you’re hosting a private dinner party, whatever the occasion, whether at your house or an elegant venue, you’ll want some fun foods to dig into with your guests. Private catering is easy to find in NYC, but if you want the best, from one of the most highly rated private catering companies in the city, you’ll need to do your research.

Save Time with

New Yorkers are some of the busiest people in the world. Do you really have the time to comb through hundreds of reviews and make phone calls to get catering quotes for your private event?


At, we make the process of finding private catering stress-free so that you can spend more time on other important details of your private party planning. To receive competitive catering quotes via email from NYC private caterers who want to win your business, simply fill out our catering quote form.

Private Catering in Every NYC Borough—and Beyond

We can provide you with access to the best NYC caterers, whether for a private business dinner in the Financial District or Little Italy or a small gathering of family and friends in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn; Eltingville, Staten Island; Bellerose, Queens; or North Riverdale in the Bronx. No matter what part of New York City you need private catering in, we’ll help you find food that you and your guests will love.

Quality Cuisine from Any Country

At, we’re obsessed with quality, and we want you to have the best private event catering from the country or cultural tradition of your choice. It’s your choice, whether you want to serve some delicious chicken parm with some classic Italian catering or some spicy, satisfying Indian food like chana masala and butter chicken. We’ve even worked with French caterers that have received Michelin stars, and we know all the fan favorites for the best Mexican catering in NYC.

We Can Help You Land the Best Caterer for Your Needs

Let us help demystify the private catering experience in NYC by giving you the tools you need to choose the right catering service for your guests.


Simply get quotes from different caterers by filling out our form.

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