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The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants for Catering in NYC

If you’re looking for delicious and inexpensive catering for your next event, NYC is full of diverse options for great Mexican food. Whatever the occasion, Mexican catering is a popular choice, and for a good reason! With everything from tacos to bistec ranchero, it’s guaranteed to please those with a palate for the flavorful.

We took a look at Yelp reviews and what some top publications had to say about the best restaurants in NYC, then crafted this list of the ten that everyone seemed to agree were the best. We've arranged them in no particular order, as they are all great options! As you consider these catering options, you'll want to compare NYC Mexican catering quotes to help you make your decision.

Bringing you the authentic taste of Oaxaca, Mexico, La Morada is sure to be a treat you and your guests will enjoy. Dig in and share flavorful, indigenous Mexican cuisine, including camarones al mojo de ajo (sauteed shrimp in garlic sauce) and bistec ranchero (Grilled Steak served with cheese, cactus, cebollin, and jalapenos). Having won the Best Mole Award from Grubhub and the Best Tacos Award by Thrillist, you really can’t go wrong no matter what you order from here. If someone in your group has allergies, they can accommodate those, too.

Chef Luis Arce Mota’s reputation precedes him as a well-trained cook in the art of classic French cuisine. He stays true to his roots in Mazatlán, Mexico, though, and his bartenders are trained mixologists who create unique, refreshing drinks for your guests. With their impressive menu and great reviews, it's no wonder La Contenta has been featured in countless publications. Stop by and try their braised short rib tacos, enchiladas, and pork to see if it can fit your catering needs. You won’t regret it!

Nominated as the Best New Restaurant and for Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation, Cosme offers unique, classy, and contemporary dishes. With its fluke tostada, arctic char, maitake mushrooms, and mole de casa, there’s something everyone will enjoy in the delectable assortment of dishes. The menu has been crafted to celebrate local, seasonal ingredients, paired with a drink menu that blends satisfying with the food to create truly magical gastronomy.

This 3 Michelin star restaurant, run by Chef Cosme Aguilar, conveys his passion for the food he grew up with in Chiapas, Mexico. Using his traditional French training in cooking, Aguilar has created dishes that will impress and keep your guests coming back for more. Among the specialities offered here are seafood, tortas (Mexican sandwiches), and enchiladas.

His wide range of tantalizing dishes include carne asada (skirt steak marinated in tequila), mole de piaxtla (special mole sauce over chicken and rice), and chamorro de borrego al huaxamole (roasted pork ribs marinated in guajillo chilies). Don’t forget to try the Casa Enrique margarita, made with jimador blanco, patron citronge liqueur, fresh lime juice and brown simple syrup!

Rising Star awarded Chef T.J. Steele brings an Oaxacan flair to his food while using non-GMO varieties of ingredients and making everything by hand. Along with earning a Michelin star, Claro was featured in Food and Wine magazine for its Turkey Mole Rojo and was featured in Cosmopolitan for its cocktails.

They offer elevated tacos, such as tacos de tinga (heritage turkey, pasilla oaxaqueño, blue cheese), rabbit, pork, or duck mole, and a variety of fresh seafood dishes. From their drink menu, they are known for the quality of their Mezcal (made from agave), a difficult drink to produce.

Featured in Time Out magazine, New York Magazine, Thrillist, and more, Taco Mix is known for the quality of their tasty tacos. They claim to offer the best al pastor tacos in NYC while offering other kinds of tacos they are proud of, including carnitas, pollo asada, asada, vegetariano, fish, barbacoa, and tinga (red chile sauce). Additionally, they serve up burritos and quesadillas and offer sides of chips and guacamole or nachos.

Created by three friends from Tijuana, Mexico, Los Tacos No. 1 serves up special family recipes that utilize ingredients from their home. Their highly-rated tacos include options such as carne asada (grilled steak), pollo asado (grilled chicken), adobada (marinated pork), and nopal (grilled cactus). On the menu are other assorted items your guests may enjoy, including quesadillas and sides. Everything is made by hand from fresh ingredients, creating flavors you are sure to love!

This authentic Mexican restaurant draws on the culinary origins of some of its founders in Tijuana, Mexico. As the name implies, Los Mariscos is all about seafood! Choose from fish or shrimp tacos or try their seafood special, which includes shrimp, clams, scallops, and octopus. They have a long list of tequila and mezcal you’ll want to try, too. Why not let them bring a taste of the ocean to your next catered event?

As a plant-based, vegetarian restaurant, Jajaja Plantas Mexicana offers unique fare that will surprise and delight your guests. With their beet and pumpkin empanadas, jackfruit tamale, chimichurri eggplant torta and endless options for creative tacos, they’ve proven they can successfully fuse flavorful plant ingredients with traditional Mexican seasonings. This restaurant is the perfect pick if you have people with dietary restrictions as they include gluten-free and nut-free options.

It comes as no surprise that this restaurant’s main dish is handmade tamales. What is surprising is the variety they offer and the care with which they are made. Each tamal is made with real cornmeal and can be made traditionally or for vegetarians. Their tamal selection includes bacon and cheese, molé poblano with chicken, or salsa verde with chicken.

They also offer an assortment of other dishes including soups, salads, tortas, and paninis. If you’re looking for an affordable and delicious option for catering, this restaurant is the right pick, having been featured as one of Bon Appetit’s NYC 100 for its flavor and affordability.

Did you see something you liked? Want to find great Mexican catering? Let us help you compare NYC Mexican catering quotes!


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