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10 of the Best NYC Restaurants that Offer Kosher Catering Services

If you are planning an event with a kosher meal as the centerpiece, you have plenty of options for kosher catering and not just from catering services. Some of New York City’s finest kosher restaurants offer catering as well.

These restaurants showcase just how diverse kosher menus can be—from sushi and Thai noodles to Middle Eastern and Israeli delicacies. You can’t forget the traditional delicatessen, with mouth-watering pastrami sandwiches and creamy knishes. Whatever your particular tastes may be, you can find delicious kosher catering options for your events at some great NYC restaurants.

Review this list for kosher caterers with menus sure to delight your guests. Then compare kosher catering prices and service so you can be sure they are the right fit for your event.

Mill Basin Kosher Delicatessen elevates the traditional grab-and-go sandwich platter catering menu. Pastrami sandwiches are overstuffed and barely contained by the fresh rye bread. Corned beef and roast beef sandwiches are similarly piled high. Crisp salads and sweet, delectable apple strudels pair perfectly with the sandwich menu.

Kasbah Grill offers a variety of American and Middle Eastern-inspired kosher dishes sure to please anyone’s tastes. The catering menu includes more than a dozen packages to choose from, all of which can be modified or combined to please your guests. Packages feature a wide variety of dishes—sushi rolls, barbecue teriyaki boneless ribs, Moroccan beef cigars, and a classic matzo ball soup.

The catering menu options at Sunflower Café NYC Kosher are perfect for events where quick and delicious meals are needed. Sandwiches include a succulent roasted eggplant sandwich or a roasted pepper sandwich with mozzarella and pesto. Most of the catering items can be made kosher and vegan to meet the dietary needs of your guests.

This kosher eatery offers several catering options including meal combos for two to six guests and boxed lunches and sandwiches. For larger events, the catering menu features four specialty platters: Mu’Shwarma (mushrooms, onions, and cauliflower), Shukabab (grilled ground beef with onions and herbs), Falafel (crispy chickpea fritters), and Shishlik (tender, spiced chicken). To go with the entrees, try the spicy tomato salad or the “katan katan” salad (an Israeli chopped salad).

Mazza and More Restaurant caters to events large and small. The kosher menu offers both savory and sweet delights like apricot chicken, kibbeh with mushrooms, yebra, and onion mechshe. You can also choose from the “Meatza’s” taco and sliders menu (try the zaatar chicken tacos or the chipotle sliders). Desserts include baklava and maamoul with dates or pistachios.

Traditional Jewish dishes get special treatment at Paprika Kosher. Take the kubbeh, for example. These semolina dumplings, stuffed with beef and served in a rich broth, come in unique and delicious varieties such as beet, Swiss chard and lemon, and tomato and fennel. Other catering entrees include Moroccan fish and stuffed artichokes in lemon sauce.

The world-famous Katz’s Delicatessen might be popular with tourists, but the food justifies its popularity with visitors as well as native New Yorkers. The kosher catering menu is built on Katz’s specialties—pastrami, corned beef, and beef brisket. Other menu options include platters of their famed knishes, salads, seasonal fruits, salami and cheeses, and desserts (cheesecake, rugelach, and babka).

For savory Asian cuisine, the kosher catering menu at Kai Fan Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar is sure to please. Dishes are infused with Chinese and Thai flavors—from tender Thai basil chicken and ginger beef to a Buddha’s Delight loaded with tasty vegetables. The menu has plenty of other vegetarian options as well.

Kosher Deluxe in New York City gives event organizers a wide variety of kosher catering options—sushi, Middle Eastern, Chinese (or Deluxe Chinese). An assortment of party platters makes ordering quick and easy.

This unique restaurant offers eight different catering menus including French and Israeli-inspired dishes. Specialties include appetizers like sesame yellowfin tuna salad in honey ginger sauce and entrees that include fire-roasted beef kabobs and chicken breast in mushroom sauce. Don’t miss desserts like the napoleon and tiramisu.

As you can see, these kosher caterers offer many delicious menu options. To find one that can fit your budget, ask for competitive quotes and watch the best offers come straight to you.


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